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Photoshop changed my life.
Still life from objects found on Antoinette's desk
The King & His Coat of Many Mice
The Queen
Going Postal: On the Occasion of Postmaster Jim's Retirement
Card for Gabe's Bowling-Themed 6th Birthday
Birthday Card for 3D Photographer Chris
Birthday Card for My Sister  Barbara
Card for Ava's 18th Birthday
Birthday Card for Ceramic Artist Jack
Birthday Card for My Sister Linda
Wedding Portrait for Bonnie & Nick
Birthday Card for Jim
End-of-the-World Garage Sale (2012 Holiday Card)
Dreaming of an Orange Christmas (2010 Holiday Card)
Lotteria (2007 Holiday Card)
Interspecies Luge Team (2002 Holiday Card)
Do-It-Yourself Ornament (1997 Holiday Card)
Party Invitation for Robert's Birthday, Family Visiting, and Bathroom Remodel
Rubber Stamp Alphabet Blocks for All Night Media, Inc.
Born to Stamp: Rubber Stamp & T-shirt Design
Poster for Gabe's 8th Birthday
West Marin Side Story (2021 Holiday Card)
23 - Birthday Card for Gerry
Fourest Fairy: Birthday Card for Camille