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The short excerpts below (composed and performed by me) are a mix of music written for my 3D shows, commissioned work, and soundtracks in search of films.

"State of Grace" Took a trip around Christmas, down Mexico way... [a true story]

Lyrics with footnotes

"Test Tube Baby" [rough mix] This baby's been lying around the house since 1980. Time to kick him out.

Main theme (from "Wish You Were Here: Postcards From Somewhere Else")

"A-Train Express"

"Cable Car Dreams"

Siena theme (from "Portrait of Tuscany")

"Last Retsina"

Homecoming theme (from "Dio de los Muertos")

Kitty & Julius' theme (from Lynn Schneider's "Budapest: American Quest")

"Gray Whale Hornpipe"

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